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          Laws are necessary for the building of a nation. Simply said, for the new millennium, melanin dominant men and women need new laws, for the old laws are either obsolete or irrelevant. 

These new laws are but the continuity of what the honorable Elijah Muhammad built, and Garvey before him, and Booker T. Washington before him. We are the political, social and historical continuity of our ancestors. As they realized their melanin dominance of the time, so must we recognize ours. Much has been discussed of nation building. As a Pan-Africanist, and as Pan-Africanism as a political objective, is it practical? Is it realistic? No other objective will help us to reverse our current Maafa if we don’t embrace these laws, and the Pan-Africanist doctrine that permeates it. 

You are a citizen of a cosmic people, as indicated by Dr. Cheik Anta Diop in the pages of his work, “Civilization or Barbarism”.On page 39, Diop pointed out that the Negroid skeletal structure, is approximately 150,000 years old. 

They’re still finding us. It’s time to find ourselves. 


It’s important to note that your brilliance is linked with the ancestors and so forth. You are linked to your past, and your past must be studied, understood,analyzed and examined. Universal law tells the Black man that the reverence of his God is the beginning of wisdom and understanding, yet the fool despises instruction(Proverbs 1:7). 

The melanin dominant man has three degrees to achieve within his lifetime. 

His first degree is one of industry. His industry must be identified early on and presented to him that he could begin to build himself. If a man of melanin can’t build himself, how can he build a nation. Being that everyman is a nation unto himself, he has to secure his industry. If his industry is publishing, he publishes what is in the best interest of his race. 

If he has chosen construction, he is to erect or direct men to erect buildings that reflect his present state of knowledge to his race. A solid example is Nimrod of Genesis 10:8, and Genesis ch.11, with the Tower of Babel. 

Nimrod wasn’t the name of this ancient ancestor builder, but was instead an appellation, like Pharaoh or Vizier. 
Therefore, what a man builds grants him social distinction. He is to seek the highest status of a builder, and as such, is equipped to lead nations. As a melanin dominant man, you might have noticed that your DNA changed at the open of the Stargate(2000). You are hungry more than ever for knowledge. Start with your anthropological studies and work your way through the various sciences. 

When a man knows his origin, no man can defeat him. There is no need for prisons, because the pride of one’s origin leads him. 

It’s imperative for the melanin dominant man to know that he has no friend amongst the races and that his only friend are those that share in his quest for domination to match his DNA. 

Revelation 14:1 suggests that the Black man is a lamb situated on a hill, with 144,000 marked with his imprint. The Black man, like Abraham, is the Father of Nations, therefore, his world should resemble him and reflect his philosophy. Two generations of melanin dominant children must be indoctrinated with this intense sense of nationalism. How Hitler did with his people, so must we do with our young African children. It’s incumbent upon the melanin dominant man to produce children that share his sense of racial obligation as well as his belief in superiority among the races. 

These children must be bred in the belief that the African is superior in all things, for our history has proven so already.

Melchizedek, the great Moor, instructed Abraham, after the latter and several of his men dueled with the other Moor Chedoarlaomer. Melchizedek was the high priest and King of Salem and we are modeled after his order. 

“Psalm 110:4”- “For thou are forever a high priest after the order of Melchizedek. 

The high priest establishes order in his court and crushes dissension. The melanin dominant man must be attuned with his spirituality, and his spirituality attuned with him. Each morning begins at 5am and he begins it with his reverence of his ancestors. In his future, the melanin dominant man will don the Ephod(priestly garb), and teach his Black nation of the perils of western society, but the hope of an African centered society and the balance it provides. 

Think not that this is advocacy of a dictatorship, for it depends on what is dictated. 


The high priest, which each melanin dominant man of means must become, has a right to his woman, and his woman a right to hear him. Since the high priest is charged with the affairs of his nation, he must choose a woman from each tribe that he is to govern. Polygamy is his way. 

There are parameters however. His first wife is to be his age or at least one year older. She is his enterprise. Meaning, she is to take charge of one half of his empire, for every King needs a queen with a sense of self in her family and her people. She is consulted on Nationhood matters, much like Queen Tye and Queen Hatshepsut were during the glory of Kemet.  

She is to be in a relationship with him for three years or more before the high priest is to go before his elders to seek another mate. His second mate is to be at least ten years younger than him(between nineteen to twenty-four would work in this case), and she is to be his chief child bearer after his initial mate gives him the children that will directly inherit the Nation. 

Her duties are restricted to the household and are to cook, clean and produce children with the high priest. She is to nurture the children as well, for the children produce the next class of people. 

The first wife bears the children that will represent the nobility(i.e. scribesman,Vizier, high priest), and the second,younger wife bears the military leaders. These two wives,under the direction of their high priest, are charged with finding the third wife for the high priest. The third wife is to be young,at least fourteen to sixteen years old upon discovery. No, no interaction will happen with this young lady until she is eighteen, but she has to be instructed on how to be a wife at an early age to prepare her for her arranged marriage to the high priest. 

Because,as these first wives age, the high priest needs a younger wife to care for him in his old age. She is to act as his administrative assistant, setting his appointments and keeping his schedule. 

A melanin dominant nation needs laws and these laws are but an introductory to the many that will be presented. 

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