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The Earth(Alkebulan) is Returning to Its Essence: 'Mysterious Sea Creature In Spain Washes Ashore, Baffles Locals'

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Something fishy is going on in Spain.
Residents of Villaricos were baffled last week, when a strange-looking sea creature washed ashore a beach in the southern coastal town Thursday. The mysterious carcass has been called everything from "horned sea monster" to a "mutant fish."
After a beachgoer reported the unusual find, authorities pulled the remains of the estimated 13-foot creature further onto the beach and cordoned off the area. According to ABC de Sevilla, the carcass exuded a strong odor and appeared to be in a state of decomposition.
María Sánchez, the civil protection coordinator for nearby Cuevas del Almanzora, speculated that mysterious marine animal may have washed in from somewhere near Africa.
"It has the shape of a snake," she described to ABC. "It's similar to a dragonfish that allegedly comes from Africa and could have been dragged by the current."
On Monday, the Association in Defense of Marine Fauna announced that experts aretrying to identify the creature but have yet to present any concrete data, daily newspaper Ideal reports.
Gary Griggs, the director of the University of California Santa Cruz's Institute of Marine Sciences, offered his own explanation for the bizarre find.
"Based on my vast experience as an ichthyologist, this looks like a ribbon fish or oarfish," Griggs told The Huffington Post, adding that the family of elongated fish have been mistaken for sea serpents in the past. After all, the longest oarfish recordedmeasured in at 36 feet.
Oarfish are rarely seen alive since they reside far below the surface in temperate and tropical waters. A remote undersea vehicle recently managed to capture footage of the long, bony fish swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, however most are not spotted until their carcasses wash ashore.
"Everyone loves stories of dragons or sea serpents, and although this looks pretty bizarre, I don't think this is one," Griggs told HuffPost. 

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Distinctions Between the  Distinct
                                                            Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. Dubois

W.E.B.- Web of Consciousness 


There’s no debate but these words are an examination of two important men in our history. From a historic perspective, this was the post-holocaust period, where a new epoch or Renaissance of ideas and thought patterns with regard to Black life and nationalism emerged. 
Multitudes of Brothers fought in World War I during the second decade of the twentieth century and though they were frequently cast on front lines in combat, they returned home dismembered to mentally dismembering discrimination,facing lynching in their own uniforms. 
Abroad, they were housed in segregated housing units and mess halls. Domestically, organizaitons sprang up across America, particularly Eastern, Southern and MidWestern areas. 
Two men emerged from and through this era that defined Black life and lifestyles for centuries and scholarly journals to come.For Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. Dubois, their rivarly was legendary,and for Dubois, it was necessary.
A myriad of differences kept the men worlds apart in their beginnings, brought them together in debate and exiled them from their respective home countries toward the ends of their lives. 
Their conflict typified the dissension that remains in our community. The battle of the youth versus elderly,foreign born versus domestic,love for our people versus love of a select sect of our people and scholar versus street. 
Marcus Mosiah Garvey was born in St. Anns Bay Jamaica, Aug.17,1887, in what appeared to be a place a world away from the  experience of American bigotry. However, for Garvey, as a descendent of the Maroons,he encountered his first scratch of racism on the island in his teenage years when white peers informed him they could no longer be friends because of puported “racial hierharchies”. 
A self educated scholar and entreprenuer, the young Garvey moved to Kingston Jamaica when he was fifteen,a place of sweltering political activity. 

He and his sister Indiana,were the only children of his parents that survived to adulthood and such burned the zeal of Garvey to succeed at all costs.With money loaned from relatives, Garvey traveled to Panama, Colombia, Peru and London, attending lectures at Birbeck College in the latter location. 
His voyage to each country allowed him to see the condition of melanated people and he participated in the politics of each area, leading strikes, petitioning the local leaders and publishing newspapers that discussed the atrocities committed against our people. 
 With funds low,he returned to Kingston Jamaica,where he began correspondence with Booker T.Washington, the founder and leader of Tuskegee Institute,an industrial school. Garvey, with his future wife, Amy Ashwood, established the Universal Negro Improvement Association on his native island, in the hopes of modeling the program after Washington’s successes in the states. 
Garvey arranged to meet Washington,but upon his arrival to America by banana boat in 1916,learned that Washington had died sometime earlier.Still,Garvey remained in America, building his UNIA branch in Harlem, expanding it to several business ventures that assisted our people,such as the Negro Factories Corporation, The Negro World Newspaper, The Negro Times Daily Newspaper,a chain of hotels,restaurants, grocery stores,a doll line,two colleges,a publishing house,the Black Cross Navigation and Trading Company,five hundred acres of farm land in Liberia,The Black Cross Nurses and the Black Star Line Steamship company.
It was through these economic activities that Garvey liberated our people as he said, “ liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.” 
How did this little Jamaican from a small town amass a global following of six million in the 1920s? It was because he mastered three areas when liberating our people:
  1. Practical 
                    The first arm of the UNIA was the business enterprise of the Negro Factories Corporation. Garvey understood that though there was a wish and a need to house all of  our people in academic fields, our people couldn’t eat textbooks at the end of the day. He analyzed that Blacks had major hands in manufacturing and prepared a business that gave them the practical from the beginning. 
In regards to the turmoil of  our people today, we must  provide them with practical resources if there is to be any liberation.Sure,we can lecture them on Kemet, Kush, Carthage or Lemuria all day, but providing our people with ways to live is how they resurrect the glories of our ancestral empires. 

  1. Publicity 
Once people have the practical,their minds must be given images that build them instead of break them. They must see images or read stories of their  people in glory than disgrace. Understanding this, Garvey, with a background in printing and publishing, created the Negro World, a weekly newspaper and later The Negro Times, a daily newspaper. 
Through this media arm of his organization,he reported weekly on the strides of the UNIA, recruiting membership through these means. 

  1. Presentation 
His parades were the  largest,with hundreds of thousands marching through  Harlem in celebration of steps towards liberation. UNIA members of each branched were resplendent in their uniformed garb. 
At the Pan-Africanist conventions, delegates for the UNIA from all over the planet flew,swam and even risked death to hear the reports of the UNIA and a lecture from its founder,  Marcus Garvey. 

Whereas other groups campaigned for “integration” it was the fierce nationalism of the UNIA that touched the core of American born Blacks. 
Not everyone was enthused about this new leader that had emerged to lead his people into liberation. The loudest opponent of Garvey’s program was William Edward Burghardt Dubois. Where historians distort research is that Dubois isn’t given his credit as a Pan-Africanist. 
Both men were Pan-Africanists,where they differed was that one was a Pan-African nationalist and the other was a Pan-African integrationist. Both are race minded, racially sincere individuals, but the nationalist seeks the building up of one’s own community, resources, land ownership and businesses. 
The integrationist is race minded, but seeks the inclusion of his people into the existent society to prove the relevance of his people. His focus isn’t on ownership, but opportunities extended from the race that economically dominates at the time(i.e. whites). 
W.E. B. Dubois was born on Feb.23, 1868 in Great Barrington Massachusetts where he spent much of his childhood. Like Garvey, Dubois had a background in journalism,reporting for publications when he was a teenager. He graduated in 1884 as valedictorian from high school and attended Fisk University thereafter. 
He acquired his Bachelors degree and taught at several Nashville Tennessee area schools.  Dubois made history as the first Black man to receive a Doctorate from Harvard University.
His doctorate dissertation is still the number one published doctorate paper at Harvard University and has yet to be surpassed. It was his ability to pen the condition of  our people in his famous works, “The Souls of Black Folk”,”Black Folk Then and Now” and “The Reconstruction of Black America” that lifted the consciousness of our people. 
Dubois had made excellent accomplishments in the realm of journalism, in terms of getting our people a voice in that regard. He was one of the founders of the Niagara Movement,which later morphed into the NAACP. 
It was here that Dubois began to produce and edit a new publication, the Crisis Newspaper. His greatest adversarial tension came from his public debate with Marcus Garvey.Dubois was instrumental in initiating,along with A. Phillip Randolph and Chandler Owen, the “Garvey Must Go Campaign”. 
Dubois mastered three areas: 

  1. Academia 
He symbolized the educated Brother that is not only deemed equal to his white counterparts but surpasses his white counterparts and contemporaries. It was Dubois zeal to create a new standard of Black excellence that endears him to us today. When we consider him today and the crisis of the Black intellectual, it should stand as testament that we have far to go as a people. 

  1. Advancement 
He understood the social advancement of our people was a requirement and since he’d done it, anybody could. He created the “talented tenth” philosophy from this thought pattern, that suggested the race needs an uppercrust of Black leaders that serve as societal examples. It suggested that those that have bettered themselves financially or politically can teach the race to gain more by following their mold.  

  1. Acclimation 

Dubois befriended new Ghana leader Kwame Nkrumah, who was a student of Garvey’s. The pair exchanged ideas and it was Nkrumah that created a home abroad for the ailing activist. Dubois, after years of editing and writing for the Crisis Newspaper, lost his twenty-four year tenure and was labeled Anti-American after he joined a Communist League. 
In his declining years, Dubois had many house guests, one of which being Malcolm X, who later extolled him in his 1964 Autobiography. 
Dubois died on August 27,1963, just one day before Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream”speech on the steps of the nation’s capitol. He was a champion, an orator and he moved our people into higher realms of intellectualism in a period when Black students didn’t have access to standard textbooks and were subject to dilapidated educational facilities. 
May both of these lions of our history be an inspiration to us all. 


Latest Hollow Earth Representative 

             Adorable new mammal species found 'in plain sight' 

AP Science Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Imagine a mini-raccoon with a teddy bear face that is so cute it's hard to resist, let alone overlook. But somehow science did - until now.
Researchers announced Thursday a rare discovery of a new species of mammal called the olinguito. The reddish-brown animal is about 14-inches long with an equally long tail and weighs about 2 pounds.
It belongs to a grouping of large creatures that include dogs, cats and bears.
The critter leaps through the trees of mountainous forests of Ecuador and Colombia at night, according to a Smithsonian researcher who has spent the past decade tracking them.
But the adorable olinguito (oh-lihn-GEE'-toe) shouldn't have been so hard to find. One of them once lived in the Smithsonian-run National Zoo in Washington for a year in a case of mistaken identity.
"It's been kind of hiding in plain sight for a long time" despite its extraordinary beauty, said Kristofer Helgen, the Smithsonian's curator of mammals.
The little zoo critter, named Ringerl, was mistaken for a sister species, the olingo. Before she died in 1976, Ringerl was shipped from zoo to zoo in Louisville, Ky., Tucson, Ariz., Salt Lake City, Washington and New York City to try to get it to breed with other olingos.
She wouldn't.
"It turns out she wasn't fussy," Helgen said. "She wasn't the right species."
The discovery is described in a study in the journal ZooKey.
Helgen first figured olinguitos were different from olingos when he was looking at pelts and skeletons in a museum. He later led a team to South America in 2006.
"When we went to the field we found it in the very first night," said study co-author Roland Kays of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. "It was almost like it was waiting for us."

It's hard to figure how olingos and onlinguitos were confused for each other.
"How is it different? In almost every way that you can look at it," Helgen said.
Olinguitos are smaller, have shorter tails, a rounder face, tinier ears and darker bushier fur, he said.
"It looks kind of like a fuzzball ... kind of like a cross between a teddy bear and a house cat," Helgen said.
It eats fruit and has one baby at a time. Helgen figures there are thousands of olinguitos in the mountainous forest, traveling through the trees at night which makes them hard to see.
While new species are found regularly, usually they are tiny things like insects and not mammals, the warm-blooded advanced class of animals that have hair, live births and mammary glands in females.
Outside experts said this discovery is not merely renaming something, but a genuine new species - with three new subspecies. It's the type of significant find that hasn't happened in the Americas for about 35 years.
"Most people believe there are no new species to discover, particularly of relatively large charismatic animals," said Case Western Reserve University anatomy professor Darin Croft. "This study demonstrates that this is clearly not the case."
The olinguito is the smallest member of the raccoon family of mammals.
The researchers only saw olinguitos in Ecuador and Colombia, but they said they could also be living in parts of Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Guyana, based on their cloud forest habitat.
The olingo is also native to Central and South America.
The North Carolina museum is already selling olinguito stuffed animals for about $15. Proceeds will benefit habitat preservation for the creatures.

Top Ten Lies Eurocentric Scholars Really Need to Give a Rest

Yeah,an oldie, but goodie. Courtesy of the NOI: 

Ten Best Lies of Black History
From  The Final Call
    In this special month devoted to our history, The Final Call explores some of the most outrageous and false stories, accounts, and sentimental tales commonly told.
1. Whites were the first people on earth.
2. Blacks in slavery were only cotton pickers and maids.
3. Lincoln freed the slaves.
4. Blacks ate each other in Africa.
5. Blacks were cursed black by God.
6. The United States government has helped Blacks succeed.
7. Jews built the pyramids.
8. Blacks sold other Blacks into slavery.
9. There was no slavery in the North.
10. Columbus discovered America.
Lie #1 – Whites were the first people on earth.
As long as Mendel’s Law is in effect Whites can never be the first humans. This is the law of biology that asserts that White skin is recessive and Black skin is dominant, which means that two Whites cannot produce anything darker than themselves. This is why ALL those seeking the origin of human beings start and end in Africa. Recent genetic tests by researchers at the University of Chicago have proven that a major genetic alteration occurred exactly 6,600 years—exactly when Elijah Muhammad taught of the birth of the White race.
The scientists say that “the selected genes, which affect skin color, hair texture and bone structure,” were drastically affected at that very moment in time. Neanderthal DNA is far more often found in Europeans and Asians than in Africans. If Neanderthals predated ALL humans, their DNA would be MOST prevalent in Africans. But not only were they first chronologically, Blacks were also the first builders of Civilization. The black-skinned Egyptians had reached a high state of civilization long before the Neanderthal—whose offspring yet wonders how and why the pyramids were built—emerged from cave life. The White-skinned nomadic Tamahu were a strange people to the Black Egyptians. They had no apparent skill except trouble-making. Little did the Egyptians know what their contact with the Tamahu would lead to.

Sources: Wayne B. Chandler, “The Moor: Light of Europe’s Dark Age,” in The Golden Age of the Moor, ed. Ivan Van Sertima, p. 156; Ivan Van Sertima, African Presence in Early Europe, p. 149.
Lie #2 – Blacks in slavery were only cotton pickers and maids.
Blacks were desired so badly by White Europeans that they were willing to build thousands of ships over hundreds of years to sail thousands of miles over treacherous ocean to start wars with those Black people to capture them, bring them back thousands of miles to enslave them forever, to serve Whites forever. Blacks had built civilizations on the African continent that Whites hoped to build in America. A close reading of the newspaper advertisements placed by American slave dealers and slave traders shows that Blacks were skilled artisans and craftsmen at the highest level. It is easy to find ads by White people selling engineers, carpenters, mechanics, brick masons, nurses, blacksmiths, seamstresses, and bakers.
Blacks so dominated the building trades that after the so-called emancipation of 1863, it was said that if a White man were seen doing ANY of this kind of work, it would draw a crowd of gawking onlookers. Black slaves were on loan to build the “President’s House” and the Capitol; Black slaves built the mansions that grace Southern plantations. Black slave laborers built America’s infrastructure, including its buildings, roads, bridges, and railways. Blacks built America—just as they built the pyramids in Egypt—and then gave civilization to the new man on earth, the European.

Sources: Nation of Islam, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2 (2010); Nation of Islam, Jews Selling Blacks (2010); Abby Gunn Baker, “The Erection of the White House,” Records of the Columbia Historical Society, vol. 16 (1913); William Seale, The President’s House (1986).
Lie #3 – Lincoln freed the slaves.
Steven Spielberg may believe it but it just ain’t true. A careful reading of Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation Proclamation proves that it freed NOT A SINGLE SLAVE! In the surprisingly short document only the slaves of “rebellious” states are ordered to be freed; those states who were loyal to America got to keep their Africans—as slaves! Thanks, Lincoln. The “Emancipation Proclamation” lists a whole slew of places to be “left precisely as if this proclamation were not issued.” At that time in history, Lincoln actually had no authority over the states where he “freed” the slaves. They were part of another country—the Confederate States of America—with an altogether different president, Jefferson Davis. Lincoln himself was never hesitant to express his hatred of Black people, like when he said: “As the negro is to the White man so is the crocodile to the negro and as the negro may rightfully treat the crocodile as a beast or a reptile so may the White man treat the negro as a beast or a reptile.” It is White historians and Hollywood mythmakers who so desperately needed to find an American Jesus to die for America’s racial sins. It is they who have made Lincoln into something he never was or wanted to be—a martyr on behalf of Black people.
Sources: Lerone Bennett, Jr., Forced into Glory (2007); NOI Research Group, “Lincoln, Lies, and Black Folk,” Pts. 1 and 2, The Final Call, Nov 27 & Dec. 6, 2012.
Lie #4 – Blacks ate each other in Africa.
In The General History of Virginia, Captain John Smith wrote that when famine struck his new colony in Virginia in 1623 that the English settlers dug up “a savage we slew and buried and ate him. 
Another, wrote Captain Smith, was “boiled and stewed with herbs.” And another White Virginian “did kill his wife, powdered her and had eaten part of her.” And “many fed on corpses.” These White Europeans—the early pioneers of America—were feeding on Indians and each other! Themes of cannibalism have made it into European fairy tales Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Snow White. Accusations of cannibalism were often used by Whites as justifications for the subjugation or destruction of “savages” whose land or labor they wanted to steal. Evidence of cannibalism is found in all places on earth but the place where it is most rare—Africa.

Sources: Alden T. Vaughan, American Genesis: Captain John Smith and the Founding of Virginia (1975); Gary B. Nash, “Image of the Indian in the Southern Colonial Mind,” William and Mary Quarterly 29, no. 2 (Apr. 1972); Edmund Sears Morgan, American Slavery, American Freedom: The Ordeal of Colonial Virginia (1975); Alden T. Vaughan, “Expulsion of the Salvages [sic],” William and Mary Quarterly 35, no. 1 (Jan. 1978).
Lie #5 – Blacks were cursed black by God.
The so-called Curse of Ham (or Hamitic Myth) was derived from the Biblical story of Noah (Genesis 9:21-27), and it formed the core of the racial belief system among Jews in the centuries before the time of Jesus. Even though the characters in Genesis carry no racial identity, Talmudic rabbis made up a new version of the Noah episode, in which God curses the offspring of Noah’s son Ham to be black-skinned. These Jews further say that Ham (the cursed one) is the father of the Black Race! The reason that the Jews created this extremely racist myth is an economic one. Jewish traders of the Middle Ages dominated the early slave trade, and at first did not distinguish their victims on the basis of race. Over time, the skill, intelligence, and strength of Africans were seen as more marketable than the abilities of all others, and a premium was placed on their sale. We see this today in sports. When seeking their new stars, college basketball, football, baseball, and track recruiters scour the Black inner cities, not the White suburbs. The ancient rabbis, enjoying the financial benefits of the slave trade, distorted the original story of Noah in order to justify the new racial focus on the “God-cursed” African—thus sanctifying the African-centered slave trade.
Spread far and wide as divine prophecy by the Jewish slave merchants and their beneficiaries in the clergy, slavery would ultimately be universally believed to be the lot of the Black African. Through the millennium, the so-called Curse of Ham was easily adopted by all the major religions and has been used liberally whenever circumstances required the aggressive assertion of White Supremacy.
Source: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews: How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy, Volume 2 (2010).
Lie #6 – The United States government has helped Blacks succeed.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) took hundreds of known actions against Black advancement organizations during the civil rights era—including the use of agent provocateurs, saboteurs, wiretapping and the planting of false rumors and disinformation. The FBI is also a prime suspect in the murders of key Black leaders and activists. But this subversive government activity is part of a LONG HISTORY of U.S. government oppression of “non-whites” that includes the sanctioning of the slave trade and the destruction of the Indian Nations.
And though it allowed the building of a giant monument in the Nation’s Capitol to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in 2011, the government treated him far differently when he was alive. The long-time leader of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, directed that a letter be sent to the civil rights leader, pressuring him to commit suicide! The 1968 U.S. government letter was addressed to “KING”:
“You know you are … a colossal fraud and an evil, vicious one at that. You could not believe in God … . King, like all frauds your end is approaching … . King, there is only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is . . You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.”
Hoover, the top law enforcement official in America, was not deranged. Dr. King, with his Poor People’s Campaign and support for the Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike, was signaling his interest in pursuing an economic agenda for his people. Indeed, any Black organization or movement that adopts an economic focus and encourages Black participation in manufacturing, trade, and commerce is automatically seen as a threat to the established economic order. His murder soon followed.
Sources: “COINTELPRO Reading Room,”; Council on Black Internal Affairs, The American Directory of Certified Uncle Toms (2002); Reclamation Project, How White Folks Got So Rich (2012).
Lie #7 – Jews built the pyramids.
There are hundreds of pyramids on the earth, but the Great Pyramids of Egypt are considered the first of the Seven Wonders of the World. The White-skinned Jews that now inhabit Palestine have erroneously claimed that according to the Bible their ancestors were slaves in Egypt under Pharaoh and that they built the pyramids. But several Jewish scholars like Prof. Shlomo Sand, Arthur Koestler, and others have already dealt a fatal blow to the claim that the Caucasian Jews have ANY connection whatsoever to those Hebrews of the King James Bible. These scholars have proven that the White Israelis are descendants of a tribe of Europeans called the Khazars, a 6th-century people who converted to Judaism long, long after the pyramids were built, and long after the Bible was written. And, according to Biblical scholars, the pyramids were built at least 1,000 years before there is even any mention of any Hebrews.
Shlomo Sand, a professor at Tel Aviv University in Israel, wrote a revealing book in 2008 titled The Invention of the Jewish People, wherein he states: “The ancient Egyptians kept meticulous records of every event, and there is a great deal of documentation about the kingdom’s political and military life … . Yet there is not a single mention of any ‘Children of Israel’ who lived in Egypt, or rebelled against it, or emigrated from it at any time.”
Source: Shlomo Sand, The Invention of the Jewish People (2008); Arthur Koestler, The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and Its Heritage (1976).
Lie #8 – Blacks sold other Blacks into slavery.
One of the most unseemly manifestations of Black self-hatred is the often violently held belief that 500 years ago Africans sold other Africans into centuries of slavery. It is erroneously believed that after thousands of years of African life, Blacks all of a sudden collapsed into internecine strife and started killing each other, selling their fellow kinsmen to foreigners for profit.
The fact is that Portuguese “explorers” mastered a pattern of European conquest that is 6,000 years old. They deliberately created mixed-race subgroups with the intention of using them to capture and enslave the native African populations. Arriving on the Cape Verde islands in the late 1400s, Jewish slave merchants kidnapped and raped African women, and the mixed-race offspring, called lançados, were raised on the islands as European Jews, practicing Judaism and respecting Jewish authority. These lançados were sent into the African mainland to set up an international “trading post” to at first market the fine fabrics being produced by the Africans. But soon they turned on their hosts and began trading in Black human beings. The lançados were strictly trained in the Jewish family business of slave-dealing. It was these half-breed, mixed-race (or mulatto) “half-ricans” who infiltrated the Black African communities, seeking to satisfy the European lust for Black labor.
Historian Walter Rodney described these “AFRICAN” slave traders thus: “Many of the private traders were mulattoes, already linked to the Africans by blood, and there were those who had become so integrated into African life that they wore tribal tattoos. It was these who were the authentic lançados, literally ‘those who had thrown themselves’ among the Africans.”
Source: Walter Rodney, A History of the Upper Guinea Coast, 1545-1800 (Oxford, 1970); Tingba Muhammad, “Did African Slave Traders Sell Us Out?”
 The Final Call, June 14, 2012; Tingba Muhammad, “Echoes of Mr. Yakub after Patmos,”
 The Final Call, June 28, 2012.
Lie #9 – There was no slavery in the NORTH.
The idea that the Northern states were against slavery is a complete falsehood. The newspapers are filled with ads buying and selling African people. The only reason that slavery was more widespread in the South was not because Northern Whites loved Black people, but because the warmer climate and flatter terrain in the South allowed for more varieties of produce to be grown in a much larger area. Simply put: the farther South one goes, the higher the concentration of Black slaves.
The early Massachusetts legislature was the first to officially welcome the African slave trade; in fact, many “proper Bostonians” built their fortunes upon that despicable enterprise. Massachusetts became America’s leading slave-ship builder and sent one expedition after another into Africa to rape, pillage, and plunder her Black humanity. Gangs of chained Africans were landed on the docks of Boston and Salem by white Massachusetts merchants and auctioned alongside hogs, lumber, and casks of cheese, destined for a life of hopeless bondage.
Slaveholders in the North were exceedingly brutal and in New York “inappropriate and disruptive kindness” was actually against the law. Any master “forgiving, making up, or compromising” with slaves was severely fined in New York. Wall Street (which has now enslaved ALL of America) was notorious in the 1600s for its African and Indian slave auctions.
Source: The Reclamation Project, The Hidden History of Massachusetts (2003); The Hidden History of New York (1998); NOI, Jews Selling Blacks, pp. 46-48 (RI & CT), 58 & 59 (RI), 109-111 (NY), 36-37, 57, 106 & 107 (PA).
Lie #10 – Columbus discovered America.
Before Christopher Columbus was commissioned to sail the ocean blue, he was sailing the ocean BLACK. That is, he was sailing the coast of Africa in the slave trade. One person who talked to Columbus said that he sounded like “a practiced slave dealer.” It is in Africa where he probably learned about the “New World” and how the ocean currents might get him there. Africans had long traded amicably with the Indigenous peoples of America. Columbus himself found evidence during his voyages that he was not the first to “discover” anything.
Columbus was told by the peoples of Espanola (Haiti) of Black men who had appeared on the island before him and they showed him the lances that they had left there. The tips of the lances were of a metal—an alloy of gold—that was prevalent in African Guinea. Columbus visited Trinidad, where the sailors noticed the colorful symmetrically patterned cotton handkerchiefs of the indigenous Indian cultures, which the Native peoples called almayzar. They were all much the same in color, style, and use as the headscarves and waistbands used in Guinea.
The 17 Olmec colossal heads of Mexico are massive sculptures crafted from large basalt boulders. The heads date from at least before 900 BC and are a distinctive feature of the Olmec civilization. All portray men with wide African noses and full African lips in apparent honor of those travelers that had visited them. In actuality, Columbus is a latecomer to the “discovery” game. His voyages were only notable for the total destruction he unleashed upon the Indigenous peoples of Africa and America.
Sources: Ivan Van Sertima, They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America (1976; 2003); Nation of Islam, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 1 (1991).


           What Have You Done For Me Lately?A Critique of Modern Leadership in Black America 

                  Black America is where America dumps its problems,leaving said issues unaddressed until the problems resurface onto mainstream american landscape and become the problems of the offspring of the very progenitors of these problems.  

Europeans are peculiarly reactionary nationalists. They only ramp up the heat on patriotism when they see faces of color in pristine positions. As the great ancestor and scholar Dr. Steve Cokely said,“when the white man can’t beat you,he’ll send the Black man to block you.” 

And major blockages have manifested in our communities since.This has occurred since the epoch of Marcus Garvey,wherein he posed a threat to white world terror in the twentieth century. With the UNIA and their programs of self reliance, self-sufficiency and enterprises, it threatened a system contingent upon the exploitative powers of the less populated group of people against the larger populated class. 

Meaning, european capitalism only works when one group,typically minorities(white) subjugate other groups(Africans), through economic suppression and false publicity. 
Corporate Sponsorship of Black Demise.  There's Your "Integration". 

Garvey’s movement was ultimately toppled by traitors within his own ranks and his true, fierce,Pan-Africanist, nationalist leadership that defined the era was substituted for a watered down, elitist, Black Negroship that only served to delegate racial subservience to the masses and made racial ambassadors out of traitors. 

How are our greatest Benedict Arnolds now our heroes?  They only now hold the swords for the future because we failed to see the smeared blood on their hands from true leaders they stabbed in the back to make it to the top. 

Crisis of Black Leadership 

Dr. John Henrik Clarke laid it out in his lecture lambasting the Million Man March back in the day. He examined the fallacious leadership in our community by naming names(Farrakhan,Karenga,etc.) and personal experiences with said individuals. 

Our race suffers from scarcity and persons have profited from that scarcity since 1969. Akin to the children of Israel in the Bible, cursed to trail Moses for 40 years, wandered with little direction. The only difference is that Moses had a vision, the people following him didn’t. There is no vision for us presently and we are open to insincere shepherds, who unlike Moses, would rather remove manna from us and divide the remains with oppressors. 

The Only Image of Moses Your Seeds Should See

The platform of Black leadership should start with two areas: 

                              Unanimity and Uniformity 

There has to be a collectivist movement, if there is to be a movement at all. Meaning, the UNIA only worked because it was a collective voice. The Nation of Islam of old worked because it was a singular voice. These movements, though not the only ones, had agreements with the race and to the race, and focused their efforts on one objective. 

Example,the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict was co-opted from inception.  White america gave us pseudo,liberal,mass,mixed movements and we fell for it, throwing money(i.e.skittle purchases and hoodies) at the same people that donated to murderer Zimmerman. 
What revolution is defined by what we consume? 


A common goal needs definition from the start because the mission will waiver, and the soldiers will get wary. Sun Tzu,the great Moor, stated in The Art of War that “assessments must be made at home before sending soldiers abroad.” 

Sun Tzu 
However, we seldom assess our own strength and do either A)Give up the mission for false symbols of progress or B) We don’t analyze the situation critically and take whatever leader is given to us to shape our options. 

As melanated people, we are victims of concepts and lack consciousness.