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           What Have You Done For Me Lately?A Critique of Modern Leadership in Black America 

                  Black America is where America dumps its problems,leaving said issues unaddressed until the problems resurface onto mainstream american landscape and become the problems of the offspring of the very progenitors of these problems.  

Europeans are peculiarly reactionary nationalists. They only ramp up the heat on patriotism when they see faces of color in pristine positions. As the great ancestor and scholar Dr. Steve Cokely said,“when the white man can’t beat you,he’ll send the Black man to block you.” 

And major blockages have manifested in our communities since.This has occurred since the epoch of Marcus Garvey,wherein he posed a threat to white world terror in the twentieth century. With the UNIA and their programs of self reliance, self-sufficiency and enterprises, it threatened a system contingent upon the exploitative powers of the less populated group of people against the larger populated class. 

Meaning, european capitalism only works when one group,typically minorities(white) subjugate other groups(Africans), through economic suppression and false publicity. 
Corporate Sponsorship of Black Demise.  There's Your "Integration". 

Garvey’s movement was ultimately toppled by traitors within his own ranks and his true, fierce,Pan-Africanist, nationalist leadership that defined the era was substituted for a watered down, elitist, Black Negroship that only served to delegate racial subservience to the masses and made racial ambassadors out of traitors. 

How are our greatest Benedict Arnolds now our heroes?  They only now hold the swords for the future because we failed to see the smeared blood on their hands from true leaders they stabbed in the back to make it to the top. 

Crisis of Black Leadership 

Dr. John Henrik Clarke laid it out in his lecture lambasting the Million Man March back in the day. He examined the fallacious leadership in our community by naming names(Farrakhan,Karenga,etc.) and personal experiences with said individuals. 

Our race suffers from scarcity and persons have profited from that scarcity since 1969. Akin to the children of Israel in the Bible, cursed to trail Moses for 40 years, wandered with little direction. The only difference is that Moses had a vision, the people following him didn’t. There is no vision for us presently and we are open to insincere shepherds, who unlike Moses, would rather remove manna from us and divide the remains with oppressors. 

The Only Image of Moses Your Seeds Should See

The platform of Black leadership should start with two areas: 

                              Unanimity and Uniformity 

There has to be a collectivist movement, if there is to be a movement at all. Meaning, the UNIA only worked because it was a collective voice. The Nation of Islam of old worked because it was a singular voice. These movements, though not the only ones, had agreements with the race and to the race, and focused their efforts on one objective. 

Example,the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict was co-opted from inception.  White america gave us pseudo,liberal,mass,mixed movements and we fell for it, throwing money(i.e.skittle purchases and hoodies) at the same people that donated to murderer Zimmerman. 
What revolution is defined by what we consume? 


A common goal needs definition from the start because the mission will waiver, and the soldiers will get wary. Sun Tzu,the great Moor, stated in The Art of War that “assessments must be made at home before sending soldiers abroad.” 

Sun Tzu 
However, we seldom assess our own strength and do either A)Give up the mission for false symbols of progress or B) We don’t analyze the situation critically and take whatever leader is given to us to shape our options. 

As melanated people, we are victims of concepts and lack consciousness. 

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